Our Process

Reaching Your Goal

It would have been easier if we could strike a deal by completing 10 steps or even 100 steps for that matter. The reality is a little more complicated. We always have to deal with tangible and intangible. We must quickly react to something totally unexpected. Surprises and irregularities always happen.

That said, we couldn’t get our job done if we do not know the process. We must know and follow these steps to get closer to our goal.

FYI, our process for Master Franchising Deal includes the following:

① Provide a market overview and validate your business model in Japan 

We will put together a general and detailed overview of the market for the franchisor as well as a brief competitive analysis in hopes to enter the Japanese market.

② List, identify and recruit Master Franchisee candidates

There are many ways we can do this
• Introduce your brand on our media platform at Franchise Times Japan 
• Hold presentation seminars 
• Help create a Japanese presentation 
• Exhibit at franchise/trade shows 
• Approach IFI’s own list of investment data of companies interested in US franchise brands 

③ Bring a quality candidate to Discovery Day at US headquarters 

We will have candidates to attend Discovery Day to better understand the US business model and meet management in person. 

④ Visit the actual market

We will visit the actual market in person together and meet franchisee candidates to learn more about the target market and competitors. 

⑤ Prepare a deal structure and draft a Letter Of Intent

We will assist you in building a deal structure which determines key terms and help draft a Letter of Intent.

⑥ Draft a Master Franchise Agreement with your attorney

You will meet with your attorney to draft a Master Franchise Agreement.

⑦ Close the deal

We will engage in negotiations until we close the deal. This may involve numerous negotiations via in-person meetings and online meetings in addition to email. We will follow through at every stage of your negotiation. 

Provide continuous support after the deal is done

Upon your request, we will be happy to be retained to continue supporting your business.

Are you ready to become a master franchisee?

You will need to meet the following qualifications:

• Have an established and good reputation in the franchise industry

• Have experience developing a superior and proven business model

• You have successful operations in your local market

• Have successful operations in your local market

• Able to provide a good training program and ongoing support

• Able to make investments to making your franchise globally successful

• Have an established team that can provide ongoing management support for your Japanese partner.