We Help Expand Businesses To Japan

With our support, we can help you navigate from start to finish in expanding to the Japanese market. We have an established wide and robust business network in Japan and we have a very hands-on approach to deal making.

The bottom line: We find the best Japanese partner to be your master franchisee.

We Bring New Business Concepts From Japan 

In addition to expanding American businesses to Japan, we also specialize in bringing new business concepts to the US from Japan. Japanese concepts are unique and hot in the U.S. market. One of them could be your next franchise opportunity.

If you are seeking a new and unique Japanese franchise concept look no further. We offer a diverse listing of them to help you find a business you’re interested in.

How We Work

0ther than our project initiation fee which covers our direct costs to prepare Japanese presentations and provide exposure, our basic model is to work towards a success fee which we charge upon execution of the agreement.

What is a master franchisee?

A master franchisee is a business partner who pays a master franchise fee upfront, after which the franchisor grants them an exclusive right to operate company-owned locations and sell sub-franchises under their trademark and system that includes their entire territory.

Why is a master franchisee important to you?

Identifying a master franchisee helps you create the groundwork for future global expansions. The blueprint for expansion you create for the Japanese market can help you succeed in other countries.

If you already have a successful franchise concept in the US market, you may have a lot of potential to grow overseas by identifying the right master franchisee. If you have a system, a manual and a good training program it should give you more reason to seek this new business opportunity.

If a master franchisee is interested in your business they will make necessary financial and logistical investments to properly launch your business in Japan. In addition to these investments, they will pay you a master franchise fee and any ongoing royalties.

This unique global opportunity can be available through Master Franchising!